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    Extension to Summer Institute at Oriel College Oxford

    There is also the opportunity to combine Cambridge Summer Institute with its sister programme, Summer Institute at Oriel College, Oxford…


    Exclusive to Cambridge Summer Institute, delegates have the opportunity to include Medicine within their study abroad programme. With four weeks on offer, this programme will engage participants in a variety of cutting-edge topics which are all related to the discipline of medicine.

    Programme Overview

    Also Check Out…Course OptionsMedicine Programme

    Medicine Programme

    Also Check Out…Course OptionsProgramme Overview

    Course Options

    Also Check Out…Programme OverviewMedicine Programme


    As part of Cambridge Summer Institute, you have the opportunity to attend courses to expand your historical knowledge. By spending part of your summer in the UK, there is the option of taking British history courses which provide an excellent background to understanding British culture and political systems today.

    Video Scholarship

    If you’re a budding filmmaker or just enjoy capturing the moving moments and collecting them together, we…

    Extension Options

    In 2017, students attending Cambridge Summer Institute, Oxford Summer Institute and Ivy League Summer Institute will have…

    Early Bird Discount

    The Early Bird Discount is a 100 GBP discount reserved for participants sending in applications and making…

    My Last Day in Cambridge

    Today was my last day at University of Cambridge, Magdalene College. It started with a highly difficult…