Exclusive to Cambridge Summer Institute, delegates have the opportunity to include Medicine within their study abroad programme. With four weeks on offer, this programme will engage participants in a variety of cutting-edge topics which are all related to the discipline of medicine. The programme incorporates analysing medical systems in the UK as well as the education system in relation to medicine. This will include lectures and workshops which focus on the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), studying medicine in the UK, medical specialities, and physical examination, among others.

There will also be the introduction of Medical Ethics, and encourage delegates to approach medicine by discussing current issues, such as organ donation, palliative care and hospices, spiritual and religious needs, and much more. Delegates will be able to take their newly acquired knowledge outside of the classroom and apply it to institutional visits, such as local hospitals, university centres of study, and meet professionals currently working in this ever-changing field. There is also the opportunity to combine Cambridge Summer Institute with it’s sister programme, Oxford Summer Institute at Oriel College. Complement courses at Cambridge by taking lectures in Global Health Challenges in Economics, Ethics & Logic, and Business & Legal Communication and experience a different part of the UK whilst studying in a prestigious college. For delegates who are currently or considering a future career in medicine, this is the programme for you.


About This Programme

Length The medicine track runs specifically for 4 weeks and combines courses at both Cambridge Summer Institute and Oxford Summer Institute. If you wish to spend longer in the UK, there is the option of spending up to 8 weeks in Cambridge, and 10 weeks in Oxford.
Available Dates Summer Session 3: 29 July – 11 August 2018 (taking place at Oxford Summer Abroad)
Summer Session 4: 12 August – 28 August 2018
Lectures /
15-20 hours of seminar style lectures covering your course are given per week by highly experienced and qualified tutors, lecturers, doctors, and professors from the University of Cambridge (UK) and/or the University of Oxford (UK). We require all students to attend at least 1 exam to receive an Academic Transcript issued by CBL International. A certificate of participation signed jointly by Magdalene College (University of Cambridge) and CBL International is presented to delegates with a 90% or above attendance rate. There are weekly exams scheduled for every course.
Accommodation Single dormitory room with shared bathroom in a college of the University of Cambridge (UK), includes daily breakfast – 980GBP.

If you would like lunch and dinner provided for you, there is an additional charge of 300 GBP.

Fees Please see our Fees & Tuition.
Prerequisites This is an open enrolment course, we recommend applicants to have prior knowledge or strong interest in the subject/course they are enrolling in.
Additional Information In addition to lectures given, this course also includes various extra-curricular activities such as social events & leisure activities, visits to businesses and institutions in London, and excursions to famous places and historical landmarks. Learn more about Programme Information.


Course Details

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You will cover one topic of choice each week containing 15-20 hours of seminar style lectures from University of Cambridge and University of Oxford professors, lecturers, doctors or tutors in that field of study. Aside from the academic aspect, this exciting programme includes leisure activities, excursions, company visits, and much more.

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*Disclaimer* Changes to the course description, topics, programme structure, and schedules may occur due to the availability of faculty members at the actual time of the programme.


Ideal for those on the path or considering a career in medicine, this course will incorporate a variety of topics within the fields of Medical Systems, Medical Education, and Medical Ethics. Lectures will be accompanied by engaging workshops and innovative visits to institutions, and organisations to develop practical experience and awareness. There are visits to various institutions and labs in Oxford, Cambridge or London give delegates the opportunity to see how the theory they learn in class is applied in the medical world.

UK Medical Systems & Education

During this course, delegates will focus on a variety of lectures, workshops, and visits, to develop their knowledge of Medical Education, particularly in the UK, as well as gain an understanding of the UK medical system and how doctors and medical professionals practice.

Topics may include:

  • Medical English
  • Studying Medicine at a UK university
  • NHS- public healthcare in the UK
  • Medical Professionalism
  • Medical & Surgical Specialities
  • Patient History Taking
  • Physical Examination

Medical Ethics

The focus of this course shifts to Medical Ethics, making delegates aware of the number of current issues and debates, which are ongoing in the field of medicine. Through additional lectures, workshops, and visits, delegates will develop ideas surrounding medical ethics as they prepare for professional careers.

Topics may include:

  • Medical Ethics
  • Sexual Minorities and health care
  • Caring for Spiritual and religious needs
  • Palliative care and hospice care
  • Organ Donation
The following courses take place at Oxford Summer Institute during Summer Session 3:

Global Macro Economics: The Economics of Big Health Challenges

This course will discuss and analyse the state of health in the world and the challenges of the next 20-50 years. In addition, delegates will learn how health financing will need to adapt to the challenges of an aging population. Case studies analyzing pandemics, such as SARS, flu, and Ebola, will be looked at in detail to understand how these cross over into the financial market, looking at early warning, and response ideas.

Business & Legal Communication

This course will focus on the reading, writing, and listening skills of the English language in a business context. By being able to understand and use the business language, participants have the possibility to further their careers in both their quality of work and build relationships among colleagues and clients.

Delegates will develop the ability to communicate on an international level using precise and correct legal language. Upon completion of the course, participants will improve their confidence in explaining points of law, enhance their drafting and editing skills, and ultimately represent their organisation in a more effective manner.

Contemporary Political and Economic Philosophy: Ethics & Logic

Since its beginnings in ancient Greece, the Western philosophical reflection on how we should conduct our lives has been closely intertwined with the inquiry into logos, ‘reason’ or ‘reason-ing’, practical and theoretical, human or divine. While ethics and logic have developed into two distinct disciplines, different philosophical approaches to normative ethics and meta-ethics are often best understood as springing forth from different conceptions of the role that reason and argument (ought to) play in human morality, and from different assessments of the validity of certain key arguments (or alleged ‘fallacies’) in ethics, and of the force and implications of certain ‘dilemmas’ or ‘paradoxes’. Competing ethical theories are typically construed dialectically: they argue for the deficiency of the rival theories, and defend themselves by denouncing the shortcomings in the logic of their attackers.


castagnoliProf Luca Castagnoli
Associate Professor of Ancient Greek Philosophy
Oriel College
University of Oxford, UK

Luca Castagnoli is an Associate Professor of Ancient Greek Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and a Stavros Niarchos Foundation Fellow of Oriel College. Having studied philosophy at the University of Bologna and the University of California, Berkeley, Luca obtained a Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Cambridge. He was a Research Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and then a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy at Durham University for eight years, before moving to Oxford. He has published one monograph on ancient self-refutation arguments (CUP 2010) and some two dozen articles on a variety of ancient philosophical subjects. He is working on his next two monographs, on Greek logic and ancient philosophical theories of memory, and editing The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Logic. He teaches ancient philosophy and ethics for Oriel College, and gives lectures on a variety of ancient philosophical topics for the Faculty of Philosophy.



Rachel Wechsler
Centre for Criminology
University of Oxford (UK)


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