A Croquet to start the day of the Financial Exam

In the morning, after the great English breakfast, we started our day by doing a sport activity. It was very nice look to the blue sky, in a summer day in Cambridge, and play Croquet with the other students in a beautiful park. The group was divided in four teams and the playing was very competitive, but also funny.


All of the students of Financial Economics Course were in the expectations about the Exam. It would be hard or easy? Many questions? Before the exam, the Professor Charles Roddie did a review of the concepts and solved some questions about investments, portfolio theory and asset pricing.


And what about the exam? It was not so difficult, but it had questions about all over the assumptions covered in class by the Professor. So, for who that studied, it was simple to doing.


We ended our day by making a Quiz Night. An event where we could aggregate more the students because the group was divided in many teams to answers the questions provided.


One more day in the best summer ever. In Cambridge. Studying in the awesome and historical Cambridge University.



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