A Rainy Day


Today’s schedule stated that my group would have a croquet tournament in the morning. I did not expect croquet to be an exhaustive sport. So, I was looking forward to some time of relaxing competition to start the day. I also was looking forward to walking on this holy English grass which you are hardly allowed to walk on in this country.

Unfortunately, the English weather undermined the plans of CBL. It was raining and nobody really felt like playing outdoor games. But since the rain was not that heavy and I had largely recovered from my cold, I came to the meeting place and waited for the others. In the end, it was me and a girl from the staff team who waited for about half an hour to see if somebody else would show up. But nobody did come. So we had a nice little chat and enjoyed our spare morning.

Since it was a Monday it was also the day when the new courses started. And while I had a free morning two thirds of the delegates already were in their classes. My own course started in the afternoon and after Mr Bhatti introduced himself we began with the discussion on entrepreneurship. We were provided interesting contents that shaped my attitude towards the topic and finally strengthened my motivation to create something new and innovate on my own, preferably something of social value as well.

In the evening some friends and I participated at the quiz night in the dining hall. As a lot of people seemed to be very tired, only few others joined us, so that there were only two groups. This was a lucky coincidence, because the winners and the second best group each would receive a bottle of wine. But the fact that both groups would win a price did not prevent us from having a fierce quiz duel, where, ultimately, my team won with one point more than the other group. That is not much, but, you know, it is one point more…

Eventually, we shared both bottles, had a nice talk about the day and did some socializing before we went back into our rooms and went to bed.

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