The goal for CBL International is to be one of the leading private education providers. We proudly offer individual university courses, executive conferences and summer schools. Our service includes tuition, conferences, accommodation, orientation, guidance, excursions, airport pick up and more to offer the best service possible.

CBL International is committed to working with quality agencies around the world. We have established many long-term and stable partnerships with worldwide educational agencies, prestigious universities, and international high schools. Our goal is to offer more students an unforgettable short-term study abroad experience.

We provide summer programmes in UK, Dubai and US with an emphasis on international law, business & economics, international relations, History and Medicine. We are proud to announce that Cambridge Summer Institute, Oxford Summer Institute, and Oxford & Cambridge Summer Academy are run by our partner, CBL International Oxbridge Programmes Ltd., which is accredited by the British Accreditation Council.

Who is CBL International?

  • We are a progressive, proactive, and dynamic education provider.
  • We embrace new ways to develop our business model and open to new opportunities.
  • We collaborate with some of the most prestigious schools and programmes in UK, UAE, and USA.
  • CBL International is a WorldStrides Organization, part of the largest education travel specialist based out of Charlottesville, Virginia (USA).

We continue to expand across the world

  • We continue to seek out new opportunities to collaborate with other agencies.
  • We value our international network of partnerships with universities, businesses, and law firms.
  • We commit to the highest standards of business integrity and ethics.
  • We operate with professionalism and efficiency.
  • We provide in in-depth handbook with hotlines and locations in case of emergencies.

Who can join our partnership?

Our mission is to continue building our partnerships with those we can construct and build stable, long-term partnerships for mutual benefit. If you wish to learn more about CBL International or discuss opportunities to collaborate with us, please contact us for further inquiries.

Is there a commission for partnership?

We do offer a commission to agents who bring in numbers or groups of students to enjoy CBL International or our associate programmes. You can find out more by contacting us to learn details about our commission figures.

How can you get in touch with CBL International?

If you wish to learn more about becoming a partner with us, you can contact us by one of the following methods:

By email:
By phone: +44 (0) 1865 236 580
By post: CBL International, 3rd Quad, Oriel College, Oriel Square, OX1 4EW Oxford, United Kingdom

Why should you collaborate with us?

  • We provide custom-made university courses, summer school programmes, and executive conferences for students and professionals from universities, high schools, and companies.
  • CBL International Oxbridge Programmes Ltd. is accredited by the British Accreditation Council.
  • We are dedicated to excellence and fully engage with our customers.
  • We offer comprehensive services.
  • We offer various education courses, cultural activities, and excursions to famous landmarks, and social events.
  • Who can sign up for our summer courses?

  • We offer summer programmes in UK for students, professionals, and adults aged 14 and older.

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