Arriving in Cambridge


After two weeks of enjoying the cbl-program in Oxford, it was time to leave. We said goodbye to our friends and we got on a coach to Cambridge. When we arrived in Cambridge we had to wait a few hours because our rooms weren’t ready yet, so we went into town to get lunch. We ate at an Italian restaurant at the waterfront, which was very nice. We also walked around the city centre, which is really pretty. The river flows through the centre and the architecture is beautiful, which gives the city a very idyllic feel.

Then Monday was the first real day here in Cambridge. We started with a welcome talk and a tour around Magdalene College, which is the college were we are staying. In the afternoon we had our first classes. The lectures were about the EU and what businesses need to take into account concerning EU laws. On Wednesday we will have a test and on Thursday and Friday we will be giving group presentations, so it is going to be a pretty busy week. In the evening we had a cocktail reception, which was a really nice opportunity to get to know some of the people here in Cambridge. After the reception we went to Nando’s, just like we did after the cocktail reception in Oxford. We’ve been eating and chatting for quite a while and the food was, again, a-ma-zing! Love, Iris

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