Cambridge Summer Institute | Day 1

Learning is always rebellious … every bit of new truth discovered is revolutionary to what was believed before.

Expecting a global environment and diversity, I will have to say that my experience for yesterday surpassed my expectations. Not only was every single individual different in their own way but also had a lot to offer in terms of diversity and knowledge. Attending the first class definitely broadened my horizon particularly in the sphere of business strategy.

The crux of the teaching methodology can be easily summed up in a single line ,”I have never in my life learnt anything from any man who agreed with me,” as the environment of the class was very interactive and aimed at the holistic growth of an individual. The day started afresh with an enlightening orientation ceremony that gave a concrete outlook to the entire program. This followed by a University tour made all the delegates feel more comfortable and at home. I cannot resist but mention that all the RA’s are very helpful and friendly and have put in their best efforts to make all the delegates feel comfortable.

No more suitable end could there be for such an amazing day, as the welcome reception. This gave everyone a chance to interact with each other and make great friends for the time to come. It will not be wrong to say that the first day was full of apprehensions in the beginning but it ended on a very positive and promising note. I look forward to this enriching experience and can confidently say that when I leave Cambridge after two weeks, I will be a changed person and that also for the better.

The sun set dim and the shades of dusk mellowing; smiling in the same language, the afresh ties vowing.. The day at last comes to it’s signage, abridging our minds in a new direction and a new way.

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