Cambridge Summer Institute – Day 2

All our life is a sojourn of firsts. The first ray of dawn is what binds us to the sight of the World, making us the connoisseur of its appreciation and so was our first day. Every day comes with new expectations and new ventures to look forward to, and that exactly defines the routine at Cambridge University. A fresh morning and a perfect start to it with the beautiful Cambridge tour. Not only was it beautiful but it also enchanted us with the history and related stories of everyday life of all the famous native people. Every step that I took towards all these prestigious colleges, my heart pondered and skipped a beat; it was almost like seeing your dream turn into reality.

After this enlightening experience we moved into our respective classes for our actual university affair. There is no doubt in saying that the horizon of knowledge definitely gets a push at these lectures where we integrate learning with fun and interaction. The concept of teaching with the help of group assignments has forced each one of us to step out of our comfort zone and more importantly learn from each other.

Another important learning that I will take back from this entire experience will be the respect for different cultures and diversities and accepting people the way they are. I have to say that these classes at Cambridge have not only taught me on the academic front but also at a psychological level. The day came to an end with a casual talk over life at Cambridge connecting yet embracing each one of us to the constant effort exerted by the students here, to achieve the pinnacle of success. The session was delivered by one of our RA’s and thus provided us keen insight on how enthralling yet dynamic it is to graduate from one of the foremost university of the World.

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