Cambridge Summer Institute – Day 3

Fortunate, I was never so affectionate about social relays. The civil connections built over coffee and held loosely intact over casual discussions and presentations, ultimately deep rooted our understanding and bond for one another. The importance of teamwork is often understated and yes, I realised that today. Working with 5 different individuals coming from distant countries, cultures and practices on a daily basis has definitely taught me a great life lesson. Coordination and cooperation are key features for any successful undertaking. Tackling complex problems, finding solutions to all hindrances as they come our way, we have learnt to respect one another and appreciate diversity in its truest form. We are very fortunate to have helping hands all throughout the way for every obstacle that we face in the form of wonderful and very helpful faculty members. With such learned faculty on board, guidance seems just a step away. Though the teaching methodology accounts for being informal and fun, the assignments are taken seriously and evaluated in the same way. Being accredited by a university as prestigious as Cambridge just acts a bonus and a great addition on the resume. The day ended on a very positive and inspiring note with a speaker session on motivation. This interaction pushed all of us ahead and inspired us to take up further challenges in life and be head strong in our attitude. A perfect blend in itself, the day commenced with community interaction; reducing and yet adding all of us to petty groups to pull the best picture out for tomorrow. The vivacious morning met its counter eve on an inspiring installation, energising and motivating us towards a bigger responsibility.

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