Cambridge Summer Institute – Day 4

The day brought us out of the cubicle, enriching our lives with a realm of rationality and fostering entrepreneurship in each bit of us. The rigor and spark by which we wandered the round about, seeking new dimensions to enter the corporate world, mad e it an entirely different anecdote of our life.It is rightly said that knowledge is incomplete without practical implementation and that is something highly regarded at Cambridge University. Focusing on providing a holistic development to all the candidates, we were given the chance to go for a corporate trip to London. This was like a dream come true for all the young aspiring entrepreneurs and future business honchos to experience the busy life of the corporate capital. Not only was the experience very informative but also gave a chance to the students to discuss their future plans with one another. Everyone became extremely comfortable in letting their heart out and seeking guidance from the experts on that matter. It was definitely an experience of its kind with much more to do than just reading textbooks. Undoubtedly it was a long day but no one complained as the experience in itself was worth all the efforts. Walking along the Silicon roundabout, everyone had a spark of dream in their eyes and motivation in their hearts, to be a part of that league sooner or later. It was indeed an experience of lifetime that will stay with all of us for times to come and definitely inspire us at each and every step. The day came to its closure with saying goodbye to the city of dreams, London. The city caught yet tied our aspirations to the corporate world; giving us a hint and pinch of the realm of business world.

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