CSI Programmes

International Business & Management

Learn the nature and scope of management within international economic enterprises. Through contemporary studies about the awareness of major challenges facing future globalisation, you will learn to improve cultural sensitivity in a multicultural environment and develop skills of managing cultural differences so that international businesses can be effectively managed.

International Relations & Politics

This course serves as an introduction to the theoretical background of international relations and politics. Delegates will examine a range of historical topics about international relations in trade, finance, and political institutions which it is possible to explore the behavior of states of international organizations.


As part of Cambridge Summer Institute, you have the opportunity to attend courses to expand your historical knowledge. By spending part of your summer in the UK, there is the option of taking British history courses which provide an excellent background to understanding British culture and political systems today.


The engineering courses will enrich students with excellent lectures in a variety of engineering subjects including Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering as well as Electronics and Material Sciences depending on the availability of faculty members.

Natural Science – Biochemistry

The Natural Science programme offered by the Cambridge Summer Institute, is designed for students and young professionals with an interest in Science. The programme offers its participants the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops delivered by esteemed Academics in the field of Science.

Philosophy, Politics, & Economics Academy

PPE is one of the most famous study subjects in Oxford and also Cambridge. PPE stands for the combination of the study subjects of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Many well-known politicians, such as the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, have been studying PPE in Oxford and learned how these subjects are interconnected.

Natural Science Academy

Is it your dream to become an astronaut, a chemist or to find a cure for cancer? Then you should consider studying Physics, Biology, Chemistry, or Medicine. As part of our Natural Science Academy we will introduce all such university subjects to you and will share with you how they are taught in Oxford and Cambridge. You will learn how such subjects and the discoveries of scientists…

Law School Academy

Thinking of becoming a lawyer? Or a judge? Or are you interested in international business law, human rights, or criminal justice? Then join our Law School Academy to learn about the different options you will have when studying law at university. Find out about the different law subjects and learn how to work on actual cases. Laws, regulations, and our whole legal systems are heavily influencing our professional lives…

International Organizations Academy

International Organisations are getting more and more important. Our world is becoming ‘smaller’ due to the close political, business and economic ties between countries. In such a globalised world, cooperation through International Organisations such as the United Nations, NATO, African Union, Association of South-East Asian Nations, European Union and the North-American Free Trade Area is very crucial.

Business School Academy

Businesses are moving the world. Good ideas are creating outstanding companies such as Facebook, Apple, Samsung, Adidas, Mercedes, Google and Sony. And products and services such as iPhone, Amazon.com, YouTube or any good airline are changing our personal lives. But how is it possible to realise such ideas, create such companies, products, services, and brands?