Climbing St Mary’s church


On Tuesday I slept through breakfast, because I hadn’t been feeling well for a few days. The extra sleep did me good, and after lunch it was time for classes again. This time the classes were about data protection and the EU legislation surrounding data protection. The lectures were quite interesting since I had never really heard anything about this topic. In the second class of the afternoon we talked about data protection in real life, focussing on businesses, which was good.

After diner we were supposed to have a cultural exchange, during which students would talk about their culture at home. Unfortunately the people that were supposed to give the presentations needed more time, so the activity was postponed. We then decided to go to the pub instead. Since I still wasn’t feeling great, I opted for some ice cream instead of beer. I don’t regret it though, because the brownie-sunday I got was delicious!


Then on Wednesday I skipped breakfast again. Being able to sleep in is really an advantage that comes with afternoon classes, haha! When I woke up I went to the park, which is right across from the college where we are staying. It is huge and really pretty. At the park I did some studying for the test we were going to have that afternoon and I had a small picnic.

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That afternoon we had some more time to revise and then it was time for our test. It was another multiple-choice test and it wasn’t too hard. I think everyone who had paid attention in class should have been able to answer the questions.

After dinner there was an evening talk about risk management, which I attended. Unfortunately it wasn’t that interesting. The lecturer explained how to calculate value-at-risk, a type of risk management indicator, but he didn’t really apply it to any example or case. It was more of a class than a talk, if that makes sense.


On Thursday we went to visit St Mary’s church. We took 123 steps up to the tower to get a beautiful view of Cambridge. It was really breathtaking and totally worth the climb. After that we browsed the town market and went to Sainsbury’s to get some things.

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After dinner we had classes again. Today our classes involved making and giving presentations. We were split up in groups and we had the first hour to set up the presentation. After the break   we all presented our findings. My group had to provide the American company Yahoo with information about the Google Spain lawsuit and its implications for Yahoo’s operations in the European Union. It wasn’t easy but we managed, and I think we gave a pretty good presentation.

After diner a few of us got together to watch Frozen, which was amazing, even after seeing it four times already. We also watched some Friends episodes, which was a lot of fun. Altogether today was a really fun day and I am really enjoying Cambridge.

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Now the week is almost over again. Tomorrow we are going back to Oxford to meet our friends over there, which I am really looking forward to! I really miss Oxford and its people and it’s going to be great to be back (even though not everyone will be there since some people have already gone home). I think this is going to be a great weekend and I’m so excited! Love, Iris

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