My first day here in Cambridge


A brand new joinery, a fresh start here in Cambridge city of British of my first day.

It is my first time to travel so far away from homeland alone, and this city shows friendly to me. The people here very helpful, and are willing to guide you to places around all the time. Though having terrible jet leg after a long-distance travel, the refreshing sights here really make me feel comfortable. There is a great many of flowers and green woods along the streets, especially in the colleges. We are really looking forward the study life spending a good time here. It is so lucky for me to live in the teaching building, Cripps Court, which is really convenient. My dormitory is spacious and tidy, which has relaxing views from the window.

My first class here is Organization of Multinational Corporations and Leadership, which is quite interesting. More importantly, my teacher Tim, who is Philippines, who is so professional and humorous. He made very good preparation for the class materials and drew our attention in various ways. Furthermore, his encourageness of the open atmosphere of the class enables everyone in class would like to express ideas.

In the evening, we were invited to attend the welcome reception. This fabulous start really left me great impression. The ladies and gentlemen dressed elegantly and properly. Champagne and delicious fruites were all available. Every one was talking and laughing while enjoying their food. Some even couldn’t stop taking selfies in this nice place. Duiring the drink, we not only became to know each other better, but also made friends from different univeristies. More interestingly, I learned more about different culture and customs while talking to all these friends.

To believe it or not, my first day here in Cambridge today would be so memorable in my life. It is a great honor to meet so outstanding teachers and students, as well as the kind student helpers here. I felt really satisfied and grateful about everything.


Welcome Reception

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