Free day

Having gone through five day’s hard working day, we finally embraced our free day on Sunday. After a discussion with my dear friends, we determined to explore deeply of the mysterious Cambridge city.

Normally, our college had arranged several activities for us. But this time, when it came to us, I suddenly found it not an easy job to design a complete and interesting route that would satisfied all of us. We spent a long time looking for files about maps, experience sharing on the websites and so on. After that, we finally came to an agreement.

Firstly we came to the famous King’s college, which located not really far from where we lived. The college was very popular for the tourists that there would always be plenty of people. But we didn’t have to worry since this grand school could accommodate thousands of people at the same time. A number of teaching buildings consisted of the college. These buildings were old but elegant, which were really towering.

There were many small rooms on both sides of the buildings, containing different kinds of relics including paintings, handwritings, and a coffin and so on. If you look up inside the building, you would find it so amazing that there were large and colorful windows, which were telling different stories. In addition, the walls were pretty delicate, from which we saw various symbols like dos, roses, crowns and so on. The majestic dining hall even placed several musical instruments there.

King's College

                     King’s College

After enjoying the fascinating view of the college, we came to many other shopping malls which contain various goods. Many British-style clothing and goods were on sale, which really caught our eyes. In addition, the juice of fruits and desserts were really tasty here that we were all fond of them.

At the end of that day, everyone felt so satisfied that we all got what we want, no matter food, clothing, or pretty sceneries. As for me, I really enjoyed spending time with my new friends on my free day as well!


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