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On the second day of my first week, we had a guided Cambridge walking tour. If I have to use one word to express the tour, that is “relaxing” or “amazing”.

It was rainy most of the day, which created the hazy beauty of the Cambridge city. Early in the morning, a handsome tour guide led us to walk inside the city. I would say, rather than I came closer to the city, it was the city that came to me. All the beautiful sceneries caught my eyes. Along the street, there were all kinds of beautiful flowers, grand towers, and sacred chapel and so on. All the surroundings here were amazingly attractive.

We a group of students walked through the tranquil but beautiful street. Once we passed by a famous college, the tour guide would explain the interesting stories behind those colleges thoroughly and patiently. The most impressive three colleges among all the others in my mind was Trinity College, King’s College and Queens’ College.

Trinity College, where the famous prince William as well as his imperial bodyguard studied there, was so splendid. Then, while we walked around the path surrounded the King’s college, there were even a flock of ducks walking across the path quietly, which was so interesting. Besides, there were diverse kinds of birds flying and walking around us. I felt so delighted about the nature of beauty here. Compared to the modern and crowded city, I really enjoyed sharing the spaces with these friendly animals here.In addition, there’s a famous places of interests in Queens’ College——the Mathematical Bridge, which was built by James Essex in 1749.Though it appeared to be an arch, it was built with entire straight timbers. That is also the reason where its name came from.  In addition, the history of the name of the college attracted so much as well.

Besides the magnificent colleges, there were also located Cambridge Market, various supermarkets, boutiques, bookshops and so on. It was just so amazing that this small city gathered so many wonderful things here. All in all, this guided Cambridge walking tour was so relaxing.

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