My academic journey here

At the beginning of this trip in the summer institute, I was not sure whether I could accommodate here. But my academic journey here really gave a good enjoyment of study life.

My first lesson was about leadership. The teacher Dr. Tim was so kind and helpful that he was always ready to teach and help us. Rather than a teacher, I would say he was our very good friend. Besides the good preparation of the teaching materials, he would continuously encourage us to think more and express our ideas. We had a lot of discussions in class, where we would communicate our thoughts to our team members together. I became more confident during this process that no one would laugh at you even they had different opinions from you. From this class, I not only mastered the relevant knowledge, but only learned how to express my ideas and share with others more.

My second lesson here was also so memorable. It was about finance. Our teacher Dr. Lastaukas was so knowledgeable. He not only was excel in all the related materials and backgrounds but also could apply the various theory to the real-life events in flexible. In addition, he would combine a finance-related game with analysis, which made us better understand the relevant theories as well. The most impressive thing for me was that he would keep asking questions to let us think deeply until we found out the real result.

The evening talks here were also very interesting. Though all of them were free to go, crowds of the students kept passionate about these topics that insisted going to listen every day. I also went to 2 lectures which was about gun crisis in America and economic class, which were very thought-provoking.

I really admired and appreciated the teachers here for all their efforts in making us better. Besides, the students also had great passion in study. My academic journey here was really a good experience.

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