My London day


On Thursday of my first week in Cambridge, we set off early towards London by bus. It was an exciting event since we were all looking forward to travel in London. My London day started thereby.

It was available for us to choose the destination from several alternatives. These destinations include the British Museum, the British Houses of Parliament and so on. And I finally choose to go the Whitehouse Consultancy firm and the financial tour. That was a good choice, indeed.

Earlier in that day, we firstly came to the consultancy firm, where the staff welcomed us warmly. Then they gave us a concise but thorough presentation to us. The lecture covered not only the functionality and scope of the consultancy firms, but also the required skills needed for the professionals. I benefited a lot from these a lot. Presenters told us their own stories and daily jobs, which made me have deeper understanding in this industry. Meanwhile, I also showed high appreciation towards the staff who master multi language and various aspects of knowledge. So to speak, the lecture gave me an answer about how to achieve professional goals. And I also learned the areas that I should improve harder.

After this thought-provoking presentation, we had a good meal in restaurant and wander around till we came across the famous Tower of London. Though I had seen this scene from hundreds of pictures before, I was still deeply touched by it when I saw it on the spot. The tower looked so elegant and magnificent under the cloudy weather, which was so impressive. We took thousands of pictures there like the other tourists from all over the world while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Then we started our journey of financial tour. A local tour guide with great passion led us all around the Bank Street, which was really impressive. We walked across several places of interests and the tour guides introduced us in detail of the places of interests that we had come across. Hearing the stories, I felt as if I could see that the British history passing by in front of us vividly.

All I have to say is that, my London day today was just so amazing beyond my expectation. And I wish I could explore more parts of London the next time!

Tower of London

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