Punting and a three hour bus ride to Oxford


Friday morning we went punting. I know the professional punters make it seem really easy, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. At least, that’s what my groupsmates said, because I didn’t do the punting myself, that would have been a disaster. The punting trip was really a lot of fun, it was cool to see the city from the water and the weather was great again. We have been really lucky with the weather here anyway. It has only been raining a few times and most of the days the sun was out and it was nice and warm.
After punting we hung out in the sun a bit more and then we were supposed to have class again. I’m saying supposed to because two of us decided to skip class. The rule is that you can skipp one class, and since we were going to Oxford this was the perfect opportunity to make use of this. So instead of going to class, we got on the bus for a three and a half hour drive to Oxford. Suprisingly, there was wifi on the bus, which made the trip go by a little faster.
At around 6:30 we arrived in Oxford. It was so nice to see everyone again and it really felt like we never left.
After dinner we tagged along with their pub crawl, which was cool, and after the pubcrawl we went clubbing. It was so good to walk through the streets of Oxford again and I think I’m really going to miss this place when we go back to Cambridge! Love, Iris

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