Punting over the river


Friday is a relaxing day, especially after the final examination. This is true for me as well. After working hard for the examination, we all felt so joyful. Thus we went punting over the river later in that night.

Though having passing by the river “thousands of time”, each of us was so eager to go punting over the river on our own. And this day finally came, which made us feel so excited. Once we formed a team of 6 members, we would be available to punting. To start with, honestly, all of us felt so uncertain since all of us were girls without any experience. Most importantly, we were afraid to fall down the river due to our poor skills of punting. However, the results soon prove to put away our excessive worries. We took turns to become the punters individually.

When it was my turn, I found it quite hard to master the skill and felt a little bit imbalance. With the encouragement of my teammates, I tried hardly in improving my skills of punting. Luckily, I found it easier gradually with right position and direction.  Later on, it was so delightful that all of us could master the basic skills of punting.

The river was quite clean and clear that there were even flocks of ducks swimming around us, which was really funny. In addition, when we lie in the boat, it was an absolute good feeling when you look above and then close your eyes. The sky was so clear and blue, while the buildings around were so beautiful. I felt like that I was living in a wonderful and large painting.

Moreover, at dusk, we even witnessed that well-dressed ladies and gentlemen took glasses of wines and went punting together. It was so impressive, and I really appreciate their ways of enjoying the moments.


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