River cruise


This is the Monday of my second week here. It was a nice start with the activity of river cruise, which was actually really relaxing.

Some of friends told me that they would rather go shopping this time instead of going to river cruise. But luckily I finically still insisted coming, which proved to be a great decision. The boats looked tiny but delicate, since each of the boat could only accommodate 20 people at a time. And I thought that this size of boat was exactly right for shipping over the river due to its flexibility.

Actually, I was so happy about the fact there were so many kinds of animals there. The kind captain gave each of us enough seeds to feed the families of ducks and swans! And the seeds were actually melon seeds that people could eat as well! The birds were so lovely and friendly that they would come to boat on their initiative for food. Usually, they came in crowds as a family, which were very cute. I even couldn’t imagine that I could even be a-finger away from them before.

River cruise

Along the river, we saw a great many families came here to go fishing. It was really a good family activity, which not only united the family spending more time together, but also provided a good place for their leisure. During the process, children could even be trained to be more patient and sensitive as well. Besides, there were also many other teenagers training canoeing constantly. As passing along the river, we could see many houses of different colleges that hold this kind of boats for their club members to exercise. I really appreciated that since this exercise was not only good for teenagers to keep fit, but also created a meaning skill for them to coordinate their bodies better. Meanwhile, they could also earn honor for their colleges individually.

This experience of river cruise was so amazing that I do hope to come here again the next time!


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