Unique Experience!

To leave in Cambridge for two or three weeks is a nice choice. You may just walk on the streets, see the great buildings, and contemplate the awesome architecture of this historical city. Of course, you will feel the University Atmosphere, with many students throughout the city, riding on their bikes or walking, with their bags, books, notebooks, tablets and etc. Where are they from? They are from all over the world. What are they studying? Everything that you can imagine: PPE, Political, Philosophies and Economics, Law, Business Administration, Sciences, BA degrees, Masters Degrees, Phd degrees, etc.

That’s the Cambridge University, one of the oldest, most prestigious and one of the best Universities of the world. Many of the great scientists, politics and business man, great engineering e professors, etc, studied something here. The University is around 800 (eight hundred) years old. And the University Colleges are located throughout the City of Cambridge, so, as you can think, all of the city suggest the University Atmosphere, creating a unique and amazing environment, just to feel it.

So, you may consider pass a summer in Cambridge. And, how about a summer studying in the Cambridge University? It is really a superb opportunity. Think. The best lecturers, professors, a University classroom in one of her Colleges, with many great students equals to you, from many countries of all parts of the world. That’s so exciting. An International Experience for all of the life, that will contribute to your professional aspirations and goals and will help you to develop your international knowledge. That’s also a Cultural Exchange experience. Within one class, we have people from China, USA, Brazil, Germany, France, and so on.

Lets enjoy it!



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