Walking Through Cambridge – Part I

Our time schedule for today said that after the morning session on the law of the WTO and the subsequent lunch break people would be supposed to learn for the first exam on Wednesday. And although each delegate is highly motivated and wants to do a very good job, the sunny weather provided a striking argument for outdoor activities.

So, after taking a short nap, I left my room and headed towards the centre of the town. One of the first things you notice when you walk along the main streets of Cambridge is that there is always a bunch of other people around you. There are so many people from around the world who want to see this famous place and who want to have this feeling that you have when you stand at a place of highest historic significance. Well, that was at least what I felt when I was walking through the old streets. It was really impressive.

I find it quite interesting that although there are so many tourists in this city, it does not seem to lose its original attractiveness. It still appears to be this sleepy town that is not affected by the outside world. For example, on my journey I walked over Christ’s Pieces, which is one of the bigger parks at Cambridge. I saw couples and groups lying on the grass, having a good time and enjoying the warm weather. Everything was so peaceful.

It is hardly imaginable that such a beautiful place is the setting of massive, dry, scientific research. The city looks more like the scene of an old painting than a modern factory of knowledge. But perhaps this is just the right environment that helps minds to thrive and to develop new ideas. Of course, things like creativity mainly depend on the people that you have around you. But we are aesthetic thinking beings as well and we like to surround ourselves with beautiful things. And the city of Cambridge is beautiful.

Eventually, as I have seen enough beauty for today, I will go back to my paperwork and prepare myself for tomorrows exam. Let’s see if this place really helps my mind to thrive…

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